The term ‘Mindfulness’ can seem somewhat elusory, but it is a simple and powerful practice.

Mindfulness is about being more mindful – or put more simply, about training ourselves to pay attention to the present. Being aware of the ‘here and now’ can be a very important tool, especially our sensations, thoughts, and emotions. Sometimes, of course, our thoughts and emotions seem to vie for our attention and lie outside of our control, interrupting our present and causing more stress than is really necessary. By actively and openly paying attention to what we feel in a non-judgemental way, we can help minimise getting lost in thought.

Thoughts about the future, and thoughts about the past; thoughts about what we have to do and thoughts about what we should have done: these thought processes often worry us more amidst the real pressures of everyday life. Mindfulness is simply about being in the moment.

Over the last three decades or so, academic research – in fields including neuroscience, psychology and physical medicine – have all documented the far-reaching benefits of Mindfulness. With a little practice and patience, Mindfulness can help to minimise the stresses that affect our emotional and physical health, and awaken us to our experience.

Alongside proving beneficial to our relationships and quality of life, Mindfulness can also work as an aid for bad habits, anxiety, depression, stress, creativity, and pain and illness.

At Casa Rosa Mindfulness Retreats, you will learn to be present without pressure or judgement. Under the direction of one of our experienced instructors, you will learn to meditate and practice Mindfulness exercises, bringing home more balance, calm and energy.