June 23rd – 29th 2020

with Sara, Nicki and Ella

We still have availability of all types of accommodation for each course.

Shared Room

Shared twin room in a 2 bedroom apartment

Shared twin room in a single bedroom apartment

Single Room

Single room in a shared, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment

Life is full of transitions. Some transitions we choose: changing career, getting married, having children. Some we don’t: puberty, menopause, redundancy. Some transitions pass by largely unnoticed but often they are moments of intense doubt, fear and uncertainty.

The “What’s next” retreat is aimed at women who are approaching – or in the middle of – a transitional moment in their lives. Maybe you have been on a particular career path and feel that now is the time to make a change. Maybe you’re about to start a new project that you’ve been putting off because of other responsibilities. Maybe you’ve been looking after children or dependents who have now left home and you’re not sure what to do. Maybe you feel overloaded, overwhelmed and undervalued and want to change things before they spiral out of control. Maybe you are looking ahead and wondering “What’s next?”
So often, we don’t have the time to consider transitions: to think about where we are in our lives, where we want to be, what we can live with, what we’d like to change and how we might bring those changes about. This retreat is designed to give you that time: six days of freedom from the responsibility of working, caring, cooking, cleaning and thinking about everyone else; six days to consider what’s next in your life; six days to plot a graceful path through this transition.

Join us.

We are Sara (a coach and mentor with a passion for helping women), Nicki (a nutritionist and expert on hormonal health), Ella (a clinical psychologist and specialist in mindfulness) and Jo (a physiotherapist and highly experienced Pilates instructor) Between us we’ve got a lot of the bases covered and you’ll have access to all 4 of us during your stay.

All of the following will be available during the retreat:

  • The opportunity to take a profiling test prior to the retreat with a 121 debrief either during or after your stay. This test will help you to discover your dominant women’s PowerType™, a concept we will explore further during our workshops.
  • 5x coaching workshops with Sara of up to 90 minutes each. These will cover topics such as Our Needs, Setting Boundaries and Saying ‘No’. The workshops are based on the premise that as women, we get better results in work and in life, when we start from an acknowledgement that we are women and that perhaps our needs are slightly different to those of men. We are more effective, more fruitful and we burn out less when we are brave enough to say that there may be a better way and we embrace it.
  • 5x workshops with Nicki to really dig deep in to your health issues, and create some goals that will get you feeling better than ever.  We’ll look at what’s going on with your hormones (meet your Feisty 4!), why you might not be feeling your best every day,  and more importantly give you practical solutions that really work for women, so that you can regain control of your body and mind and get back to your absolute best.
  • Each day, you’ll also have the chance to use exercise and mindfulness meditation in a variety of ways, sometimes to challenge yourself, sometimes for inspiration or relaxation. We’ll offer Pilates with Jo and mindfulness classes with Ella, each carefully tailored to compliment the work done with Nicki and Sara.

There will of course be time set aside for relaxation and for you to enjoy the wonderful setting at Casa Rosa. There will be optional walks, wild swimming in a local waterfall and less wild swimming in the gorgeous pool at Casa Rosa.  We believe that magic happens when women gather together with a common purpose – and on this retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to talk, share and debate with other women, be supported by them and see that magic happen at first hand.

Our aim is to provide an environment and a programme that makes you feel safe, supported and inspired. We want you to go home with a new sense of optimism for the years ahead and a clear plan for how to make a start making genuine choices and sustainable change.

There are various apartments to choose from at Casa Rosa and we are very happy to discuss which option would suit you best. Prices are based on single or sharing as follows:-

Shared twin room in a 2 bedroom apartment – £1800pp

Shared twin room in a single bedroom apartment – £1900pp

Single room in a shared, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment – £2200pp